Yeah, I don’t have a point

I’m just here to repeat #thisisnotnormal over and over again.

If “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” were about the white house.

This is seriously like the worst joke.

I mean, Steve Bannon, advocating for the country to be run the way dudebros on the internet have been telling each other how to run things for decades, trickling out from an ever flowing font of wannabe oppressors.  So now he is one.

He looks like the misunderstood white man.  kept from being his truly superior self by women or something I don’t know, he’ll blame anyone but the white people who told him he wasn’t good enough.  He doesn’t want to stop them, he wants to replace them.

He’s still yucky looking.

So, I keep thinking about it like it’s the tv show it’s meant to be to see if I understand the script.

And the script says next they go after the judicial system.  This is what comes next.




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